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Navigating Family Gatherings: A Thanksgiving Guide

Hey y'all!

I know there are still a few weeks to go but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so it's already on my mind. As the holiday season starts, it's natural to feel a mix of excitement and maybe a touch of nervousness, especially when you're dealing with cancer. But fear not, because I've got your back with a guide to help you make the most of this special time with your loved ones.

Keeping It Real:

Acknowledge that things might be a bit different this year. You might need a breather or have to take things slow. Share what you need with your family, so they can support you in the best way possible.

Soak in the Love:

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the love and support we have around us. Revel in the company of your family. Make new memories, swap stories, and soak up the warmth that comes from being together.

Listen to Your Gut:

Take it easy and listen to what your body is telling you. It's totally cool to take some time for yourself. Sneak away for a quiet moment or a short stroll. Your well-being is top priority.

Start Something Special:

Create a new tradition that feels right for you and your family. It could be as simple as sharing what you're thankful for or raising a toast to good times. Small gestures can carry a lot of meaning.

Count Your Blessings:

Pause for a moment to think about what you're grateful for. It could be the support of your family, the inner strength you never knew you had, or even the small victories along the way.

Thanksgiving is a time to savor, and you're a vital part of the celebration. Embrace the love around you, acknowledge your own badassery, and let this be a day filled with warmth and thanks.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of laughter and pumpkin spice,


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