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Mind Over Matter: Your Thoughts, Your Feelings

Today, let's dive into one of the best tools against the metal challenges that cancer brings: the profound link between your thoughts and feelings.

Ever find yourself wondering why you feel a certain way? It all starts with your thoughts. Our minds are constantly buzzing with a stream of thoughts, and these thoughts, whether positive or negative, shape our emotional landscape.

Your thoughts are the architects of your emotional world. Become aware of the stories you're telling yourself. Are they lifting you up or bringing you down? That awareness is your first step to emotional empowerment.

Pause and ask, "How am I feeling?" When emotions feel overwhelming and elusive, I have a simple trick. I grab a blank page and spill everything onto it. As I look at that page, it hits me—no wonder I feel this way; look at what I'm thinking (it's generally negative garbage).

That simple awareness often becomes the mental strength needed to shift my thoughts. Seeing the thoughts on paper transforms them from elusive shadows to tangible entities that I can address and reshape. Give it a try this week!



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