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It's Time to Do Cancer Better - Language

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs. A cancer diagnosis is one of those horrific unexpected twists. It's unfair. We can't control what life hurls at us, but here's the kicker – we can decide what we do with it. This week, let's focus on something you can actually control.

Language is powerful and the words we choose shape our experience. There are a lot of loaded words associated with cancer, even the word cancer itself carries some pretty heavy emotions along with it. How does "battle," "victim," "journey," or "survivor" make you feel?

Take battle, for example. For me, a battle means there are winners and losers, but cancer doesn't play fair. There are no winners where cancer is involved. When you think about it, there also aren't any losers. It just sucks.

If you can shift your vocabulary, even if only in your own thoughts, you can see what a difference it can make in how you're feeling. Instead of a battle, think of it as a dance as you move through challenges with grace and resilience. There aren't winners or losers - just thrivers and you decide what it means to thrive through this.

Within the Do Cancer Better community, being a young adult with cancer is not a script handed to you but an opportunity to rewrite your story with resilience, humor, and empowerment. Redefine what it means to navigate THIS and show the world what it means to Do Cancer Better. 💪🌈

Gracefully yours,


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