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Worry your way to clean

Let's talk about a little concept that's makes some waves—worry time. Now, you might be wondering, what on earth is worry time, and how does it relate to cleaning? Well, buckle up, because I'm about to fill you in.

Picture this: you're scrubbing away at your kitchen counters, wiping down every surface with fierce determination. But amidst the hustle and bustle of cleaning, your mind starts to wander. Thoughts of tomorrow's doctor's appointment, the upcoming scan results, or just the general uncertainty of the future creep in, threatening to overwhelm you.

That's where worry time comes in. Instead of letting those worries consume you, give them a designated space to roam free. That is worry time—a dedicated period where you allow yourself to acknowledge and process those nagging concerns. The best time to do it is while you're doing something!

Here's how it works: as you clean, let your mind wander. Allow yourself to think about whatever's been weighing on you lately. Whether it's health worries, financial stress, or simply the chaos of life, give yourself permission to explore those thoughts fully.

Here's the kicker: once your designated worry time is up, it's time to let those concerns go. Finish up your cleaning session with renewed clarity and focus, knowing that you've given your worries the attention they deserve without letting them overshadow your day.

By incorporating worry time into your cleaning routine, you're not only tackling household chores—you're also practicing mindfulness and self-care. You're acknowledging your worries, processing them in a healthy way, and then moving forward with a sense of peace and purpose.

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