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SHI(F)T Happens

I want to share a technique for those pesky negative thoughts that won't go away. I call it SHIFT, and trust me, it's more than just a clever acronym—it's a strategy for reclaiming control over your mindset.

Here it is!

SEE: The first step is to SEE those negative thoughts for what they are. Acknowledge them without judgment. You're shining a light on them so that you can see them for what they really are. Ask yourself, what am I thinking?

HUMANIZE: Next up, HUMANIZE those thoughts. Recognize that you're not alone in having them. We all grapple with negativity. By humanizing these thoughts, you strip away their power, making them a part of the universal human experience. Ask yourself, how is this normal?

INSPECT: Now, let's INSPECT those thoughts. Are they based on facts or assumptions? Dive deep and challenge the validity of each negative notion. Often, we discover that our worst fears lose their grip when exposed to the light of scrutiny. Ask yourself, what is really going on here?

FILTER: FILTER out the noise. Separate the rational from the irrational. Negative thoughts have a way of sneaking in uninvited, but by filtering them, you regain control. Keep what's constructive, and let go of what's dragging you down. Ask yourself, what do I want to think about this?

TAKE CHARGE: Finally, TAKE CHARGE. This is your moment to reclaim the narrative. Decide how you want to respond to those thoughts. Choose empowerment over helplessness. You're steering this ship, and negative thoughts are mere passengers.

SHIFT is more than a technique; it's a mantra. It's a reminder that, no matter the challenges, you have the power to shift your perspective, your mindset, and ultimately, your experience.

So, the next time negativity knocks on your mental door, remember: SHIFT happens. SEE it, HUMANIZE it, INSPECT it, FILTER it, and TAKE CHARGE. Embrace the power to transform your thoughts and, consequently, your experience.

Cheers to the power of SHIFT,

Lisa 🌟

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