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One Drawer at a Time

A few weeks back, my friend Marta and her kids paid me a visit. As we chatted over coffee, I found myself on the verge of tears, admitting how I felt like my life was careening out of control. Every aspect seemed tangled in chaos, especially my physical space—it was sticky, gritty, and just downright chaotic. What made it worse? I felt utterly powerless to change it. I had no time, energy, or headspace to even begin.

That's when Marta dropped a game-changing suggestion: clean one drawer at a time and send her a daily pic. I said great idea but of course I was thinking NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Marta rolled up her sleeves and opened the misc drawer in the kitchen where I shove in all the condiments and random stuff.

As she pulled out the greasy bottles and jars, I couldn't help but cringe at the mess I had been avoiding for months. Everything was stuck to the bottom. Marta powered through, and within ten minutes, it was spotless.

Sometimes it takes a friend to roll up their sleeves for ten minutes to show you it's possible and give you the courage to keep going.

With each day, I'm finding myself gaining a bit more control over my physical space, one drawer at a time. Tomorrow? It's the medicine cabinet's turn for a makeover. And while I may still be lacking in time and energy, each drawer conquered brings a renewed sense of hope and a step closer to reclaiming my space—and my sanity.

If you have the energy, be someone's Marta. If you don't, ask a Marta for help!

Clutterlessly yours,


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