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Let's talk libido

We don't really dwell on the ins and outs of libido until it decides to ghost us. Even with all the wisdom we've gathered about female sexual health over the past years, we are still most likely caught in the archaic way of seeing it. It's not a simple on-off switch, where you go from "on" to "off" like flipping a light.

A startling statistic from Breast Cancer Now, shared by Girl vs Cancer caught my eye: 94% of women reported a side effect from breast cancer treatment that has stopped them from having sex. 94 PERCENT! (By the way, check out their campaign Smash the Stigma, it's a game-changer.)

So, instead of viewing libido as a binary switch, let's think of it as a stove top. You have the power to turn up the heat just a little bit. Maybe a smidgen to get things simmering. It doesn't need to be cranked all the way to 10. What would it take to put it on 1? A hug, a cuddle, a simple conversation. Heck, even a shower together could turn the heat up to 3. Remember, there's no pressure to turn up the heat, but you can use your libido as a way to connect—with yourself and whoever else is on the other side.

Because, in the end, it's not just about cooking up passion; it's about creating connections that warm the soul.

What gets you to 1?


Lisa 💖🌟

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